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SHIATSU and the theory of CHAOS and COMPLEXITY:

The world of Shiatsu and that of chaos and complexity theory may seem distant, but they share fascinating points of contact. Shiatsu, a Japanese practice of MANUAL ENERGY, is based on the idea of balancing the vital energy (Ki) of the body, through pressure on specific points. Chaos and complexity theory, on the other hand, studies how seemingly disordered dynamic systems can actually follow precise and predictable long-term patterns.

Both disciplines recognize the importance of interconnection and balance. In chaos, small changes can have big effects, similar to how subtle adjustments in Shiatsu can profoundly affect overall well-being. The complexity of living systems reflects that of the human body, where each element is interconnected and global harmony is essential for health.

Thus, Shiatsu and chaos theory teach us that order and harmony are hidden in apparent disorder, inviting us to consider health as a dynamic balance that must be preserved.

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Livio Bucci



by Mario Vatrini

…Shiatsu can be understood in different ways.

One of them is that it is an evolutionary work for the person who practices it.

Another way is to understand Shiatsu to intervene in the alterations of others, practically excluding my evolution, my understanding of what I do: this second way is the most widespread, the one that has the greatest impact on a large audience…

…The profession of a shiatsu practitioner is to provide treatments that improve the conditions of others. On this basis, the ability and dexterity of the person who performs it is measured and the effects obtained are those that make it more or less known.

What concerns the evolution of the shiatsu practitioner is not there, it is not declared, it corresponds rather to a personal investigation, outside of school training, outside of the notion, outside of the technical sequence.

Nowadays the second aspect is mainly considered.

To this second aspect a third can be added and that is: I am not concerned with individual evolution, I am not concerned with results, I am concerned with vagueness, that is, with well-being. A relaxing treatment, a treatment that makes you feel treated and considered.

So this is a compensation for the pathologies of our society, but it is very secularized, it is very limited in time, perhaps in twenty years we will no longer talk about it.

The second corresponds to an attitude: do good to others, treat energetic alterations.

We in Italy cannot say that we deal with that problem, no we can say that we treat gastritis, more than low back pain,because we would do medical treatment.

We had to develop a way to describe what we do that relates to energy. Schools deal with this second aspect. Therefore, the problem, and I am convinced of this, is not always doing

new things, but very often they understand differently what one

He already does it, and he sees badly, he understands badly, and he sees in a distorted way.

It seems (and I mean apparently…) that it is a process that ultimately leads to

lightning. It seems that the enlightened one starts laughing when he realizes what it is…

So it shouldn’t be something very complicated. It is about “peeling the onions”, removing the layers, which prevent me from understanding what reality and the world are like.

So simple things are particularly difficult, because the mind takes over by adding many things that have nothing to do with each other.

I want to explain myself better: I understand very well what a straight line is.

Try to make a straight line, but really straight. Why does one take the line?

So understanding the concept is there, knowing how to do it is not.

The same thing happens with the distortions that we introduce in the treatment…

Shiatsu-Do Firenze Secretariat

David Hirsch

This is what the shiatsu operator should not do!

Recipients often ask for advice related to different areas: from nutrition to thinking, from any postural exercise to the use of natural products.

Both ethically and professionally, the shiatsu operator takes care of the body’s well-being.

Giving advice on topics that are not your responsibility is dangerous. Even if you have knowledge of other disciplines, it is not your responsibility to give information or advice from other areas, this is professionally incorrect.

Every professional must have the appropriate awareness and humility to divert recipients to other figures. We often find ourselves in difficult situations and we don’t know who we are dealing with.

Giving psychological advice or other types of support is useless because we will never be able to know where the person is going to place this type of information. Complying with your professional training and not invading territories that do not compete must be a priority attitude.