What is Jin Shin Do®?

Psychocorporeal energy technique for the release of tension: it promotes a pleasant beneficial state between body and mind.

“Jin Shin Do”® means “The Way of the Compassionate Spirit”.

Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® uses gentle yet deep pressure on specific points and verbal Body Focusing techniques to help release “armor” or chronic tension, balance “Qi” or energy and improve vitality.

This method, applied while the recipient remains dressed, helps alleviate issues related to stress and trauma.

Unique synthesis of a traditional Japanese acupressure technique, classical Chinese acupuncture theory, Taoist philosophy, Qigong (breathing and exercise techniques), Reich’s segmental theory and some principles of Ericksonian psychotherapy, Jin Shin acupressure Do® was created by Iona Marsaa Teeguarden.

The Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® is not to be considered a diagnostic technique, therapeutic or treatment of pathologies. It is instead a form of relaxation, and a useful complement to medical or psychological treatments carried out by qualified personnel. For any persistent pain or symptoms, even seemingly minor ones, the reader is strongly encouraged to consult a doctor. When used in conjunction with standard care, the Jin Shin Do* acupressure technique can aid the healing process by releasing tension, decreasing stress, and promoting a sense of increased well-being.

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