What is Shiatsu?

Acupressure technique that is exercised on energy channels defined as meridians, to obtain a general improvement in vitality.

Shiatsu is an evolutionary discipline.

Shiatsu enhances the vital resources of both people involved in the practice, allowing their best expression according to the potential, times and peculiar modalities of each.

Shiatsu generates a better quality of life whatever the age, condition and state of well-being/discomfort of the subjects involved.

Shiatsu is not an alternative therapy, it is not an unconventional medicine, it is not a therapeutic, sports or aesthetic massage.

The benefits of Shiatsu on a symptomatic and preventive level are the result not of an activity aimed at treating pathologies but of a natural “self-healing” process connected to the general improvement of vitality.

Shizuto Masunaga – Zen Shiatsu