How to solve stiff neck?

Man expresses himself through facial expressions.

The face and neck have many muscles, which are frequently used to express our emotions and feelings.

For this reason, many tensions can develop.

When tension occurs constantly, contractures also called “Armor Rings” are created around the face and neck.

They were thus defined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, psychoanalyst and researcher, who emphasized the importance of releasing the face and neck segments, closely linked to expressiveness.

Jin Shin Do® Acupressure stimulates the body to relax.

This induces the rediscovery of sensations that stimulate a state of greater energetic balance, which in turn is reflected on a physical level.

Energy meridians and their branches flow in the neck, making it an important indicator of mental stress and the general degree of tension or relaxation.

The tension of this district indicates emotions such as worry and obstinacy, anger, fear and sadness.

In our Western society, it is often blatantly not accepted to express our emotions.

To control them, we must control our breathing: on a physical level it occurs by stiffening the diaphragm and in cascade, the chest, the vocal cords and finally the neck.

By stiffening the neck muscles, we repress emotions, while the natural movement of emotional energies would be to express them.

Neck pain can be caused by a physical problem.

But in most cases it has a profound, purely emotional origin.

Often, external climatic factors such as wind, cold, humidity, etc., which in Traditional Chinese Medicine were formerly defined as “The Six Perverses” or “Climatic Excesses”, intervene to cause this disorder.

The purpose of a Jin Shin Do® acupressure treatment:

It is to restore the energetic balance and consequently the physical and muscular balance, through pressure on the points of the neck, where the energetic imbalance manifests itself most, which often correspond to the painful points.

Through light and constant pressure, a valid resolution of the problem is obtained, with immediate and prolonged relief over time.

Obviously a sort of “functional re-education” is necessary, through the acquisition of awareness, which leads to a correct expression of one’s emotions.