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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, sadness, grief and their impact on immunity are linked to the Metal element and the energy of the Lungs.

Pain and sadness or prolonged depression weaken the energy of the Lungs.

Over time, as lung Qi and fluids become stagnant, phlegm, cysts, and tumors can develop in the lungs and related glands, such as the breast and thyroid.

The lungs, large intestine and skin are the organs that put us in contact with the environment.

Each of these organs allows us to interact in different ways with the world around us.

On an emotional level, the Metal element represents the need for self-definition within the world and the need to interact with others.

The emotions that are generated when we separate from someone or something significant, therefore grief and sadness, are Metal emotions that impact the energy of the Lung. When faced with a difficult situation, our first response is usually to hold our breath. However, the practice of breathing deeply helps us let go and move forward. When you can’t breathe deeply during times of stress, your metal organs (the lungs, large intestine, and skin) are affected.

You can then develop asthma, allergies, and inflammatory skin and colon flares, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Breath awareness takes you out of your mind and into your body, putting you more in touch with the present moment where energy flows harmoniously.

Our breathing teaches us to be present with what is, rather than trying to turn it into something else, a state that creates resistance and stress.

When we are stuck in the past or worried about the future, the flow of Qi is affected and over time illness can arise.

Letting go” requires acceptance, allowing the situation to be as it is without trying to change it.

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With foot reflexology, an ancient oriental technique that works on the physical and emotional balance of the body by touching the feet and hands, you can deflate the body, reduce gluttony, accelerate your metabolism and improve your mood.

1. Speed ​​up your metabolism

It stimulates the thyroid point, which helps speed up metabolism and burn sugars, fats and carbohydrates, harmful nutrients in the diet. The thyroid gland is responsible for the water and heat balance of the body. It makes you burn calories to maintain body temperature.

2. Improve breathing

The reflex points of the lung, heart and stomach act on breathing, circulation and digestion. Stimulate these areas with an alternative, horizontal massage to breathe better and facilitate the absorption of nutrients. Therefore, the body will be available to burn more calories.

3. Tone down gluttony

Massage the point related to the adrenal gland that produces the hormone adrenaline. When you massage that area, the adrenaline level in the body is rebalanced, controlling anxiety and sadness. So let’s combine it with the other points, so it will be easier to resist overeating. To do this, press your fingers on the region of the adrenal gland for ten seconds, three times.

4. Improved intestinal function

The massage in the foot area reaches the tip of the large intestine and stimulates the body’s peristaltic movements, especially in cases of constipation. To do this, slide your toes across the area of ​​the foot from the bottom up, following the curve that leads to the middle of the foot.

5. Reduce toxins

At this point the circulation of the lymphatic system is activated, which eliminates the accumulation of toxins in the tissues and prevents fluid retention in the body. Simply massage the back of your foot in a circular motion to the right and then to the left. Press gently with your thumb and index finger in the four areas between the fingers, to have a lymphatic drainage effect. With these two types of touch, inflammation is reduced, the appearance of cellulite is improved and toxins are reduced.

Tip: Do all the movements shown here for ten seconds, three times at a time. Start the massage with your right foot and then move to your left.

Source: Esencial Natura

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Carmen Patricia Parigiani

Patricia Parigiani