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Spring and Wood Element

Spring Shiatsu can be very helpful in promoting a sense of renewal and vitality, as spring is often associated with new beginnings and changes. In particular, Shiatsu can be beneficial to the liver and gallbladder, which are the organs associated with the wood element in traditional Chinese medicine.

The wood element represents movement, growth and change, so during spring, we can work on these aspects through Shiatsu. In particular, we can work on the liver and gallbladder meridians to help release energy stagnation and encourage the free flow of qi, the life force. This can help reduce muscle tension and tendon problems, while promoting a sense of relaxation and new energy.

Furthermore, by working on the liver and gallbladder meridians, greater mental flexibility can be promoted, favoring a broader vision and openness to change. This can help you make more informed decisions and address challenges more effectively.

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The Liver controls the tendons, and when the Blood is in deficit, they lack nourishment, which is why muscle weakness and cramps occur.

Furthermore, Liver Blood is closely related to the extraordinary meridians Conception Vessel (rèn mài 任脈) and Penetrating Vessel (chōng mài 衝脈) which depend on the Liver for their Blood requirement.

So when the Liver Blood is in deficit, menstruation will be scanty or even absent.

The Liver also houses the ethereal soul (hún ) and in particular the Liver Blood “anchors” the hún during the night.

When the blood is in deficit the patient will have disturbed sleep.


The arrival of spring introduces us to the energy of this season: that of the Wood Element. After the hibernation of the winter months, energy begins to move and flow with renewed vigor. She is impetuous, tenacious, expansive. It is the vital push that has the bursting strength of the bud that opens and then explodes in a thousand shades of color.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine each Element governs certain aspects of our body – mind. Those specific to the Wood Element are: the Liver and the Gall Bladder, the muscles, the tendons and ligaments, the eyes and tears, the bile, the nails of the hands and feet, the throat and the cervical vertebrae, the breast, the menstruation (along with Earth energy).

The color of Wood is green, the direction of energy is upwards, the tone of voice is strong, loud, almost aggressive. The emotion associated with this Element is anger, in all its meanings, both negative and positive (yes, positive anger also exists). The climatic factor is the wind, the sense organ is sight, the taste is acid and the sour-rancid smell. Its main characteristic is the movement, flexibility and elasticity of healthy muscles and tendons.


The 4 doors is a combination of acupuncture points made up of 2 different points that are treated bilaterally. One point is Large Intestine 4 (Hegu), it is located on the back of the hand.

The other point, Liver 3 (Taichong), is located on the dorsum of the foot.

Large intestine (LI4):

Strengthens the immune system/painkiller.

This stitch is great to use for many different conditions. It is used to strengthen the immune system or shorten the duration of colds and/or flu. It can also be used for any type of facial problem which includes jaw pain, toothache, allergies, acne. It is also a great spot for relieving headaches or eliminating heat and inflammation anywhere in the body.

Liver 3 – Keeping things moving:

It is one of the most important points for balancing, toning or dispersing the stagnant energy of the liver.

It can be used for any energetic disharmony of the liver. Just a few examples of this include: menstrual disorders/irregularities, headaches, dizziness and detoxification.

It can also be used to create a calming effect on the nervous system to relieve insomnia, irritability, stress and anxiety.

Together, these points work to circulate qi and blood.

Livio Bucci

The Liver, which controls the eye, corresponds to the Wood element, so all kinds of problems may arise regarding the eyes and vision.

Individuals characterized by this constitution are “born free”, suffer all kinds of constraints, often intolerant of any form of authority, are also

Capable of great sacrifices, if they are convinced of what they do they easily become aggressive and irascible when forced and are unable to recover their freedom of movement and choice. They may have excessive imagination, tendency to live

in fantasy to evade the limits of reality, they love great speculations and plans, even for the mere pleasure of thinking. They have a creative and artistic spirit, they love poetry.

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Shiatsu poetry

The body is a temple,

that accompanies us on the journey of life,

and like the art of shiatsu,

it needs care and harmony.

The hands touching the body,

they are like the contact of the soul,

and the love that is released from shiatsu,

it’s like a hug that envelops our entire being.

The harmony of the body,

it’s a dance with nature,

and the strength of contact,

it is the power of breathing.

The journey of life,

it is a journey that takes us to every corner of the world,

and shiatsu is our traveling companion,

which gives us balance and serenity.

The soul, which resides within us,

It’s like a river that flows endlessly,

and shiatsu is like a light breeze,

which helps us feel his presence.

Thus, the body and shiatsu,

come together in an embrace of love,

which gives us harmony with nature,

and accompanies us on our journey of life.