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ringing in the ear

The ears are the openings of the kidney meridian on the surface of the body and are also important pivot points for communication between the meridians.

Hearing loss, tinnitus or deafness signify internal disharmony related to the kidney.

Based on the nature of the sounds in the ears, it is possible to identify a specific disharmony within the body.

For example, when the liver meridian, gallbladder meridian or triple heater meridian have imbalances related to the fire element and propagate up to the head region, there will be loud sounds in the ears which could also be aggravated by covering the ears;

Even in the case of the spleen meridian that presents the problem of excess humidity, which blocks the yang-qi energy that flows upwards towards the head, a sound will still be heard, but more attenuated.

Sometimes ringing in the ears appears and gradually disappears, or it can be partially relieved by covering the ears, in which case it will be due to kidney energy deficiency. 1. Using a knead, massage the center of the crown of the head, 30 times.

2. With your thumbs, massage the hollows under the occipital bone, at the bottom of the skull, 30 times.

3. Knead just in front of the ear and behind the lobe, 30 times each. Then rub vigorously around the ears, 30 times.

4. Knead vigorously on the lateral parts of the lumbar spine, 30 times.

5. Knead the central part of the palm, between the thumb and forefinger, 30 times for each hand.

6. Massage the depression on the side of the medial internal malleolus of the ankle, (kidney 3-source point), 30 times on each ankle.

This massage strengthens the kidneys and promotes ear function, helping to relieve tinnitus, bad hearing and inner ear problems.

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