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We now know that pain is represented by inconsistencies that, if they occur, are electro/bio/chemical/mechanical.

We rarely activate the energetic aspect in this way.

Where if pain occurs, the energy is always in an altered and chaotic state.

That is, the energy carriers do not move coherently, but in a strange way.

Hence the heat, inflammation, pain.

Because energy, saved by things that are not seen, is an element that is always present and responsible for the state of health.

Thought is also energy.

The latter is strongly influenced by the thoughts of the individual, contributing to phenomena of coherence or chaos. That is why we know that we are in conflict (energy that brings with it conflicting ideas), and we can even create serious forms of illness.

To create energetic blockages or lack of vitality, there are healthy and internal commitments that have been made for the power of losing energy, creating stagnation, causing pain and discomfort. Compromises are something we accept, but we know they would not have been right. Commitment is betraying the awareness that one is committing what would not have been the right thing to do.

Commitments are one of the most present traps in a person’s life.

Consciousness is one of the most absent things in people’s lives.

(D. Raggi)

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One day, while walking calmly down the street, you slip off the sidewalk and fall on your butt to the ground. Moments of panic but nothing serious.

However, you felt that pain between your buttock and your sacrum. A little pain for a few days, but soon everything is forgotten. The pain may have gone away, but the trauma of the fall has created dysfunction in the sacroiliac joints (the joint that connects the sacrum and pelvis) and over time compromises and limits joint movements.

Over time, you inexplicably begin to experience shoulder discomfort when raising your arm, as well as a limitation when raising your arm above your head. However, he has never had any direct trauma to his shoulder and is very careful when performing arm exercises. But what really happened?

That famous fall on the butt created a joint “fixation” at the level of the sacrum and pelvis.

Through the muscular-connective bands, which cross the path of the latissimus dorsi, these fixations have begun to influence the movements of the arm.

In this case, the shoulder, which functions poorly for a long time and in a limited way, can generate inflammation in the joint or in the muscles that surround it.

However, the real problem, or rather the cause, lies in the pelvic area, which should be released and mobilized so that the connections between the pelvis, spine and shoulder are not limited and influence movements.

The connections in the body are practically endless. The fascial structures that surround us are truly large and varied; they can hide the causes of pain even if they are very far from the symptom.

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