Valter Vico

YIN and YANG :

Ying and Yang are the Dao (law, ordering principles) of heaven and earth, the spatial and temporal model of all creatures, father and mother of all change and transformation; the root and origin of birth and death, the deposit of light and spirit.

Therefore, the accumulated yang is heaven and the accumulated yin is the earth; yin is calm, yang impetuous; Yang gives birth and yin causes growth, yang causes death and yin preserves.

Yang transforms Qi, yin completes form.

(Su Wen)

Activity, light and movement are yang; rest, darkness and stillness are yin.

Every phenomenon in the universe develops in a cyclical movement with the alternation of yin and yang.

Everything in the universe is a product of these two opposites.

Valter Vico


(Third law of dynamics)

«An action is always opposed by an equal reaction: that is, the mutual actions of two bodies with each other are always equal and directed towards opposite parts.»

(Isaac Newton)

The principle of action and reaction is the basis of all energy disciplines.

The Book of the Way and Virtue recites:

Act “not act”,

do without (over)doing,

savor the flavor.

Magnify the small,

increase the little,

pay evil with virtue,

plan the difficult when it’s still easy,

act on the big when it is still small.

The difficult things under the sky,

inevitably when they start they are easy.

The great things under the sky,

inevitably when they start they are small.

Therefore, the wise person never acts to a great extent,

so that it can become great.

An adult who makes promises lightly,

you will inevitably find little credit.

Who thinks everything is easy,

inevitably everything will be difficult for you.

That is why the wise man recognizes the difficulty and

That’s why you never find yourself in trouble!

(Tao Te Ching 63)

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Shiatsu-Do Firenze – Antonio Modugno

Shiatsu is learned over time through mastery of the teachers who transmit it, then with the curious exchange between students and, above all, in the practice of research with the recipients.

A trader while practicing may ask himself: how did I learn this? And the people and moments that gave him something extra come to mind, to add to his cultural and human background.

The beautiful thing is that in each treatment the operator builds an ad hoc sequence for its recipient, putting knowledge and heart into it.


Shiatsu-Do Firenze – David Hirsch

Shiatsu, for me, does not represent a goal to strive for or a destination to aspire to, but only a transition towards a destiny, which I hope to find only at the end of my days. Through the practice of Shiatsu we are able to create the conditions to make a leap from visible to invisible reality. It is a journey, short and infinite at the same time. In its essence, it has the ability to eliminate the distance that exists between the world that surrounds us in daily life, that of chaos, and the world that goes beyond our five senses, that of the indefinable.

Shiatsu is a lifestyle, an approach to abundance in terms of vitality and energy exchange. Let us remember every day to practice awareness, listening and carry out our “Ikigai”, that is, our “reason for being” here, to spread a quality practice, in total confidence towards life.