Shiatsu: Treatment (..and not massage)

Livio Bucci Shiatsu: Treatment (..and not massage) Search engines on the Internet are something strange… Always there, all day looking at what people write and making connections between the words they find… The background: within our blog, there is a section dedicated to statistics (which can’t see). This section contains, among other things, the […]

Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Monica Bianchi Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine “No matter how great the imbalance is, it almost always contains the ability to return to a state of equilibrium. Therefore, if only one is able to recognize the type of imbalance and give a small stimulus to that possibility of recovery, the body is capable […]

Summer and Shiatsu

Monica Bianchi Summer and Shiatsu Summer is the favorite season of many: they expect heat all year round to be calm on the beach and recharge their batteries after the year of work. The forces of Nature, in summer, create Heat due to the connection that this season has with the element of […]

SHIATSU and the theory of CHAOS and COMPLEXITY

Livio Bucci SHIATSU and the theory of CHAOS and COMPLEXITY: The world of Shiatsu and that of chaos and complexity theory may seem distant, but they share fascinating points of contact. Shiatsu, a Japanese practice of MANUAL ENERGY, is based on the idea of balancing the vital energy (Ki) of the body, through pressure on […]

Benefits of shiatsu

Livio Bucci Benefits of shiatsu: Shiatsu is a Japanese manual practice, that uses finger pressure on specific points on the body, to relieve pain and promote well-being. It is particularly effective in managing stress. By stimulating pressure points, shiatsu helps relax the nervous system, improve blood circulation and rebalance the body’s vital energy. This technique […]


Valter Vico YIN and YANG : Ying and Yang are the Dao (law, ordering principles) of heaven and earth, the spatial and temporal model of all creatures, father and mother of all change and transformation; the root and origin of birth and death, the deposit of light and spirit. Therefore, the accumulated yang is heaven […]


Susanna Rizzioli THE 5 FLAVORS THE 5 FLAVORS salty, bitter, spicy, sour, sweet are VERY IMPORTANT for LIFE however when there is an excess or deficiency in the body an imbalance is created….. example: an excess of SALT weakens the heart and vessels; excess BITTER damages the lungs, the skin wrinkles and body hair falls […]


Felipe Guerra – Traditional Chinese Medicine SADNESS AND METAL ELEMENT In Traditional Chinese Medicine, sadness, grief and their impact on immunity are linked to the Metal element and the energy of the Lungs. Pain and sadness or prolonged depression weaken the energy of the Lungs. Over time, as lung Qi and fluids become stagnant, phlegm, […]


Daniele Raggi WHEN PAIN HAS INTERNAL ORIGINS We now know that pain is represented by inconsistencies that, if they occur, are electro/bio/chemical/mechanical. We rarely activate the energetic aspect in this way. Where if pain occurs, the energy is always in an altered and chaotic state. That is, the energy carriers do not move coherently, […]