Acupuncture and immunity – ST36

Monica Bianchi Shiatsu   Acupuncture and immunity – ST36 One of the most used points in acupuncture is ST36. The Chinese name for this point is Zusanli, which literally means “three distances on the leg.” The name certainly derives from its location, that is, three cun (acupuncture unit of measurement) from the knee joint […]

Insomnia, why? A foot reflexology remedy

Insomnia, why? A foot reflexology remedy by Daniela Roccatello Every day we lose: thoughts, moments, desires, things and, worse yet… people. Sometimes, almost without realizing it, parts of ourselves leave us; they just leave. Many times we are afraid of losing control. We tend to control everything, every moment, every situation, every emotion of any […]

Shiatsu and Centering

Livio Bucci Shiatsu and Centering The concept of “center” and “grounding” is central to Eastern disciplines such as yoga and tai chi. These concepts refer to the sensation of having a solid and stable connection with the ground and of being centered in one’s physicality and awareness. Bioenergetics is a discipline that focuses on the […]

Spring and Wood Element

Livio Bucci Spring and Wood Element Spring Shiatsu can be very helpful in promoting a sense of renewal and vitality, as spring is often associated with new beginnings and changes. In particular, Shiatsu can be beneficial to the liver and gallbladder, which are the organs associated with the wood element in traditional Chinese medicine. […]


Contatto Studio Shiatsu SHIATSU: “TREATMENT” or “MASSAGE”?   We often hear about “shiatsu massage”, but it would be more correct to define it as a shiatsu TREATMENT… let’s see why! First of all, the term may be misleading to those who have never tried it. If we think of a massage we usually associate it […]


Carmen Patricia Parigiani THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM Through the lymphatic system we also eliminate emotional pain by performing massages in different areas of the body, so that what is stagnant is mobilized. And we will realize this when we drain the accumulated liquid. Do you know your drainage system? The lymphatic system. Do you know the […]


Carmen Patricia Parigiani Edited on Instagram pato.parigiani Published in Gettr patricia parigiani. NOTE: Below the publication, in the dialog box, I leave more information on the topic. Thank you. PSOAS: THE MUSCLE OF THE SOUL The importance of the psoas for our health, vitality and emotional well-being. The psoas is the deepest and most stabilizing […]

Sexual energy in traditional Chinese medicine:

Sexual energy in traditional Chinese medicine: Sexual desire in men and women is natural, like yin and yang in the universe, and is necessary for the continuation of the human species. Sexuality lived correctly is the basis of health, abstinence or abuse of sexual energy can be the cause of many diseases. According to Eastern […]


JIN SHIN DO® AND JOINT PROBLEMS Joint problems come from damage to a tissue in the joint itself and from the degeneration of this tissue. According to Oriental Medicine, these problems arise when there is a stasis of vital energy (Qi) in the sector in question, rather than flowing harmoniously throughout the body. All of […]