Insomnia, why? A foot reflexology remedy

by Daniela Roccatello

Every day we lose: thoughts, moments, desires, things and, worse yet… people. Sometimes, almost without realizing it, parts of ourselves leave us; they just leave.

Many times we are afraid of losing control. We tend to control everything, every moment, every situation, every emotion of any nature, be it anger, pain, joy, love. We would like to control the events and consequences that follow.

We are afraid of letting go of situations that no longer bear our name, but that are there… suspended… outside of time and space.

There are fears that, we fear, will never abandon us, but in the fear of losing lies both the dramatic power, as well as the extraordinary force of life that wants to overcome the fragility that is within us at every moment.

We no longer sleep, food becomes an enemy or our best confidant.

I see, I massage feet every day for a long time, I observe feet and people, with their different individualities. People who take drugs or natural remedies because it is difficult for them to sleep, as if they do not have the right and privilege to rest, in this life that wants to teach us lessons that are sometimes too difficult to understand, because we always have to be faster… hurry up.

We are afraid of losing, of losing what we know, that in some way we love or hate, but that are certainties.

We are afraid of losing what we know we are, what we know, what we want and what we can do.

It should be like water… that adapts to each container. We must be like her, adapt to each situation, with the love and thought that make us human beings.

As a reflexologist I humbly try to create that invisible thread between the client and me. My hands and his feet. The knowledge, warmth and intentions that tie it all together.

People trust us with situations and emotions and are often ashamed of them. They feel ashamed after telling you that a child is ruining their life, that they would never want to be parents because they have somehow lost a part of themselves that they loved that is no longer there.

We massage the toes, each toe an emotion: anxiety, anger, worries, etc. thus trying to calm your mind that often cannot free itself from obsessive thoughts: invisible demons, but that unconsciously prevent us from acting freely and in the tranquility of a quiet night.

Massage to soften, rebalance the sometimes contracted posture of the soles of the feet, restore balanced support so that both in the head and in the body we find harmony and a stable center from which to act and thus allow ourselves… to go from neurosis , anxieties, fears, which are the companions of tormented and sleepless nights

There are people who remain silent and that silence, many times more painful than a thousand words, more than a thousand gestures, must be respected and supported by our hands more than ever, throughout the treatment they must remove their hands from the feet of the person who she would immediately feel abandoned and…disoriented.

Act from below with a foot massage to release, drain and remove from the mind that existential fullness that does not allow you to rest in peace. This is one of our tasks that we have been carrying out for years with great satisfaction, also because many times the person falls asleep right there while we are working. Copyright RIPRA di Daniela Roccatello-Via Manara 5-20121 Milano

Corns on the big toe: here is the true meaning

by Daniela Roccatello

For about ten years, with increasing frequency, reflexologists have noticed that on the inside of the first finger, both the right and the left, there is a more or less obvious callus. No, they don’t hurt, but they are increasingly present, especially in women. I’m talking about about 90% of the people we know: basically almost everyone.

Corns on the big toe: what they count.

For foot reflexology, the big toe represents the head, understood as thoughts, ideas and relationships. The calluses on the big toe speak of the difficulties that the person has encountered in their life: if it is on the left, it refers to the first seven years, if it is on the right, to their adult phase.

The big toe represents the direction, the guide, the reference that each person needs to then be able to freely choose their own path. However, if as children the father figure, for various reasons, could not be the person who could give his son the direction to follow on his path to life, here, to compensate and defend this lack, right there, a callus begins to form inside.

If this disorientation with respect to the father figure, nonexistent or too present, continues into adulthood, this callus also forms on the big toe of the right foot. In this case, the reference is no longer the “father”, but the masculine, understood as: the authority at work, the male child, the partner and the masculine himself, which for the working woman is the organizational aspect, the ability to be a guide for your own collaborators.

Women suffer more from calluses on the big toe.

Yes, women, especially because of this problem, are in crisis and defend this disorientation by developing these calluses on the first finger, which protect thoughts, attitudes and behaviors from which they are not sure.

We are then referring to women aged 20 to 50 and over, except those over sixty because they probably had a clearer orientation towards the father figure in their childhood.

How to intervene with foot reflexology.

There is no point in cleaning these calluses because, if the problem is not solved, they return periodically. Our task as reflexologists is to massage, massage, along with other reflex points, these calluses to bring more blood to that area that can naturally restore the fat pad finally free of this stagnation.

The feet change… the head changes.

In this way, people can find their own direction, a guide within themselves, they free themselves from a difficult past and find personal guidance which is the ability to offer guidance both to themselves and to the people close to them who are involved find themselves in such difficulties. The right action at the right time. Copyright RIPRA di Daniela Roccatello-Via Manara 5-20121 Milano