I am aware that, for those who do not practice or do not receive one of these interesting and fascinating techniques, everything I am going to explain may appear like an academic discussion.

However, I am convinced that the information and experiences acquired can be useful to those interested in the holistic world.

I believe that starting from an experience with the Shiatsu technique, gained while standing on all fours with the rule of pressure “carried” with our energetic center of gravity (Hara), the approach to a psycho-corporeal technique such as Jin Shin Do® can lead to an adaptation and a sort of change in the considerations of lift, pressure and duration of relative times.

In Jin Shin Do®, the position of the recipient remains supine and that of the operator sits next to the table; postures and positions apparently far from the ancient experience of the masters of the Shiatsu technique.

I absolutely do not think that these two techniques are in antithesis or contrast; on the contrary, I am convinced that by merging and applied in a synergistic way, they can create a continuum, where the specific evidence of each technique is strengthened and amplified by the other.

I often practice a Shiatsu treatment, traditionally carried out on the floor on a tatami or futòn, and integrate it with moments of static and prolonged acupressure, on classic points of Traditional Chinese Medicine (or more precisely of Acupuncture), especially in points on which I personally believe it is necessary to dwell for a longer time and which require particular connection with other points connected energetically, according to the principles of Kyo/Jitsu or the Meridians/Elements or the Six Divisions.

This creates an energy mix that has little to do with rationality, but leads to connecting areas and sectors that do not necessarily belong to a logical and didactic analysis. In Jin Shin Do® an indication is estimated by the recipient himself, who focuses his attention on a specific point, which we operators identify as “local”.

From this we proceed to an exploration to deepen the perception and sensation of this point during the immersion in a state of “trance” or semi-consciousness, essentially stimulated by the pressure on these specific points.

There are already widely accredited scientific literatures on this phenomenon, relating to the production of specific hormones such as endorphins, interactions with the functions of the Vagus Nerve, etc.

After which, the conditions suitable for knowing and identifying the origin of the emotional block lying in the subconscious are created, which is responsible for the related physical problems such as pain, contractures, discomfort and other physical ailments in general.

We are promoted in the field to “investigators” of the human body, in search of the “murderer” who haunts us from a psycho-physical level.

These objectives are achieved by simultaneously typing the various “distal” points, which will be placed on the same path as the Energy Meridian or the Extraordinary Meridian, in functional relation with the “local” point. We could consider it a parallel concept to the “mother hand”, stationary on a local area and the “daughter hand”, moving to the various distal areas, frequently used in Shiatsu.

In this way it will be possible to mix the techniques of Shiatsu and Jin Shin Do®, when we deem it appropriate, according to our sensitivity and according to what the recipient tells us at that particular moment.

The positive reaction of our body does not take long to manifest itself, with a resumption of energy circulation in the paths treated and confirms the stupendous ability it has to renew itself and to mitigate negative energetic adversities, both external and internal.

The verbal participation of the recipient in this process of emotional exploration and sharing leads to the release of emotional experiences, traumas, abuses, which, once traced and identified, no longer create blocks or constraints (also harmful on a physical level), but gradually dissolve or transform into easily manageable emotions.

A verbal technique can also take place before or after a Shiatsu treatment, with an empathetic sharing that is achieved by listening with sincere interest to what is personally important to the recipient.

What is therefore really important for us holistic operators is the empathy, the compassionate spirit and the intensity with which we relate to a person who is almost unknown in some respects, but in whom we humanly recognize brotherhood.