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We often hear about “shiatsu massage”, but it would be more correct to define it as a shiatsu TREATMENT… let’s see why!

First of all, the term may be misleading to those who have never tried it.

If we think of a massage we usually associate it with that done by a beautician, who uses oils or creams directly on the skin to improve its trophism and act on blemishes; aesthetic massage is therefore characterized by specific techniques and purposes specific to this profession.

Shiatsu, in addition to falling into a different area from the aesthetic one, is performed without the use of oils/creams, with clothes on, with the aim of restoring and maintaining a condition of well-being and psychological-physical-emotional balance.

The technique is also different: pressure is applied with thumbs/fingers/palms/elbows on the recipient’s body, often lingering in a single area or point for the necessary time (aesthetic massage, on the other hand, is more “dynamic”). Furthermore, the shiatsu treatment adapts to the recipient’s condition each time and “standard” movement sequences are rarely used.

But, as often happens, the border is not so clear…! Even in shiatsu it happens to use techniques and gestures belonging to other disciplines (while still remaining within its own area of ​​expertise).

So, whether you call it a massage or a treatment, it doesn’t matter… the important thing is to do it!

The Benefits of Shiatsu

Our abdomen is the center not only of emotions but is the container of our vital energy. Imagine the abdomen as a basin of water, like those used to water the fields, from which many channels depart which serve to carry the energy of the water and allow cultivation… the meridians connected to organs and bowels run through our body like channels that carry vital energy. The hectic life, poor nutrition and labored breathing are as if they created debris in these channels, like many more or less large stones that deviate, hinder and hinder the path of the channel, not allowing the correct spraying of vital energy. With shiatsu, through pressure and stretching, the “debris” are removed, thus allowing the channel to resume its path and bring the right amount of energy throughout the body, thus improving the quality of life from a physical and psychological point of view. and emotional!


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Science says that…. but Shiatsu works even without these interesting data…

Latest Scientific Data on Shiatsu: Benefits and Evidence.


Shiatsu is a form of traditional Japanese manual therapy that relies on the pressure of the fingers, hands and palms on specific points of the body in order to promote general well-being. Although it is an ancient practice, in recent years there has been increasingly in-depth scientific research exploring the possible benefits of shiatsu on human health. In this article we will look at some of the recent scientific data that supports the benefits of shiatsu and its evidence.

Stress and Anxiety:

A study conducted by Miyamoto et al. in 2020 examined the effects of shiatsu on stress and anxiety in healthy individuals. The researchers found that a shiatsu session led to a significant reduction in participants’ perceived levels of anxiety and stress. These findings suggest that shiatsu may be effective in promoting a greater state of relaxation and mental tranquility.

Chronic Pain:

Another study conducted by Kuroki et al. in 2022 examined the effect of shiatsu on chronic back pain. Participants who received regular shiatsu treatments reported a significant reduction in pain intensity and an overall improvement in quality of life. The study authors concluded that shiatsu could be considered as a complementary therapeutic option to address chronic pain.

Blood pressure:

Research has also investigated the effects of shiatsu on blood pressure. A study published in the journal “Hypertension Research” in 2021 showed that shiatsu sessions led to a significant reduction in blood pressure in hypertensive participants. These findings suggest that shiatsu may have a role in supporting blood pressure management.

Immune system:

Another interesting aspect was explored by a study conducted by Nakamura et al. in 2023, which analyzed the effect of shiatsu on the immune system. The results indicated an increase in active immune cells in participants who received regular shiatsu treatments. This suggests that shiatsu could have a positive impact on immune system health.


Although scientific research on shiatsu is still evolving, recent studies have provided promising evidence regarding the benefits of this traditional Japanese practice. From reducing stress and anxiety to improving chronic pain and blood pressure, data suggests that shiatsu may be a viable treatment option for improving overall well-being. However, it is important to consider that further research is needed to delve deeper into the underlying mechanisms and confirm these positive effects. As always, it is advisable to consult a certified professional before embarking on a Shiatsu journey.


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