Monica Bianchi

Summer and Shiatsu

Summer is the favorite season of many: they expect heat all year round to be calm on the beach and recharge their batteries after the year of work. The forces of Nature, in summer, create Heat due to the connection that this season has with the element of Fire.

Fire is connected to the Heart, therefore to the pulse. The associated color is red. It is said that the sprout of the Heart is the tongue and its sound is laughter. So it is easy to understand how the emotion of the Fire element is Joy. Its spirit is Shen (one of the 3 treasures of San Bao); the other two are Jing and QI. Summer is the most yang time of the year, the energy of the body and nature is at its peak. For many centuries, The Yellow The Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine, a Taoist classic of traditional medicine, explained to us that in summer and spring it is necessary to cultivate yang, while in autumn and winter it is necessary to protect yin.

How to cultivate summer yang?

Getting up early helps you enjoy the best rays of the sun, those that the body is able to absorb more easily. This food allows us to easily stay awake longer and therefore enjoy beautiful evenings. They are very yang activities, which should be cultivated in summer. The condition that must be respected to live these long days of life harmoniously is to take a break during the hottest hours, in the shade: a brief rest, perhaps just a few minutes of sleep, helps to effectively express one’s own yang.

Furthermore, in Chinese medicine, Fire is the element that regulates the Mind… and therefore the Spirit can flourish more alive. Joy, pleasure, vitality are indicators of balanced health in summer. Finally, the relational soul of the individual resides in the Heart, which is why in summer we are more likely to make new friends and fall in love. When Fire and Heart are balanced it is easy to have fun with little and be grateful for the beauties of Nature in this season. On the contrary, a discordant situation of the Heart leads to depression and a lack of desire to do things, or can lead to manic attitudes and a reckless need to accumulate activities, both day and night (this ultimately leads to insomnia or frequent awakenings). , symptoms of excessive Fire in the Heart, which agitates the Shen).

On the other hand, summer is the season in which rest also manifests itself in its maximum yang… so it is easier to wake up truly rested and prepared to face the day’s commitments, even with fewer hours of sleep. An obvious sign of disharmony of the Water-Fire axis is strong tiredness when waking up.

Some suggestions to better face the summer season.

The quality of rest is an indicator of the state of health of our Soul. The Heart is the palace of the Shen, a Chinese name that also indicates the Soul, the most subtle part of the individual in contact with the Tao.

Being in contact with the Tao is as important as being in contact with the Earth and eating… or being in contact with Heaven and breathing. In reality it is nothing special, just one of the fundamental activities of our life. Shen is also the emperor of the body and regulates the harmonious functioning of all internal organs. That’s why in summer you feel GOOD, it is easy to perceive a feeling of harmony with yourself and with others.

The dangers of fire.

All this Fire is a great opportunity, but it also hides small drawbacks: Fire dries up the body’s fluids. Nature comes to our aid, letting us eat the watery fruits typical of this season: melon, watermelon, peaches, apricots. A true panacea are lemons, which with their acidic flavor promote the production of liquids: it is a pleasant sugar-free lemonade. the best drink on muggy days.

These small measures help maintain the heart and small intestine, which are activated especially in summer. The gift that nature gives us in this season is the abundance of salads and especially cucumbers rich in water, easy to digest, which are the ideal base for a summer lunch. On the other hand, it is necessary to drastically reduce the consumption of animal meat, fats and reheated cooking (baking, frying, sautéing, etc.). Instead, prefer raw or quick-boiling foods. An important note is that all foods should be consumed at room temperature: in this season it is very easy to be tempted by cold foods.

He who is wise nourishes life during each of the four seasons, adapting to heat and cold, harmonizing joy and despair in a single home. Balances the yin-yang, the soft with the hard. In this way, external negative influences will not reach the affected meridians and it will be possible to see how energy balance can be achieved. Canon of Internal Medicine of the Yellow Emperor.

With Shiatsu treatments, the flow of Qi in our meridians is harmonized, creating psychophysical well-being. GOOD SUMMER! HAPPY SHIATSU!